Bakelite Catalin rod beige 3/8" square by 8" long (23 gm)

Price is per piece. Genuine American Bakelite!

  • $ 47.00

Another closed warehouse find by Petie!

Vintage Ivory ~ Beige Bakelite Round Rod

These are a good size diameter Bakelite piece.These are over 90 years old. All of them have tested positive using semi chrome polish. We also drilled one rod and the smell is Bakelite!

There is NO cracking, splitting or crazes.

They are being sold by the piece

Excellent Rosary or Faturan Prayer Beads

We are selling the rods by the piece!

Measurements are:

Diameter ~ 3/8" x 3/8" - ( 0.9535 cm x 0.9525 cm)

Length ~ 8" - (20.32 cm)

Weight ~ 0.8 ounces ~ 23 grams

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