Frankart Sally Rand feather nymph art deco lamp in jadeite green glass

Frankart by Sarsaparilla

  • $ 225.00

This rare Frankart Sally Rand Art Deco lamp is jadeite green glass, with a nymph with feathered wings. This lamp works best as a night light. This lamp works on a 120 volt light bulb, up to 15 watts. The lamp has an on/off switch in the base. 

 This lamp is a later casting from the 1970s using the original Art Deco era mold. The mold was machined to include the base as one piece, so this lamp is a one-piece glass lamp body instead of the original two-piece lamp, which had a metal base. Lamp dimensions: 11-1/4" ~ (28.6 cm) tall, 3" ~ (7.6 cm) deep, and 7-5/8" ~ (19.4 cm) wide.

Please note that all glass has some bubbles and blisters--even Lalique! These are part of the manufacturing process and are not defects.

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